Seven Movements (tanka)*

Artist Susanna Shaposhnikova

abandoned alone~

midday lights ‘n shadows play~

now awakens dance~

swaying twisting in the breeze~

gracefully like willow trees~


*Note: I love ballet for its physical beauty of movement in time to music. Seven movements are the beginnings to learn ballet. I hope that you enjoy both in the video I have chosen. 🌎 ✌🏻💙

Take care, be safe.

Pain in Flight

Blue angels

with wings

of armored


Fly into horizon

with possibility

of destruction

Man’s uncivil

behavior brings

death upon humanity

Upon this black wall

etched is a generation,

so the next might learn

To fly under the

Wings of Peace

lg 20900R (c)

* The reality is we all wait for the Birth of Peace, truth man’s greed won’t allow it to come to term.


I’m perfectly camouflaged

in the gray scale,

you call reality,

the background.

When you least expect it,

I’m there.

Bearing witness to

the evil,

the ignorance

and arrogance,

you practice.

It makes my stomach

turn inside out.

And my mind races

with countless questions.

But the worst part of all,

is the fact that you

don’t think

you’re doing

anything wrong.

lg 081118 (c)