Loss (tanka) *

sunglasses obscure~

emotionally filled eyes~

tormented by grief~

loss embedded so deeply~

heart so heavy, might erupt


*Note: A few words about this song I’ve chosen to go with this poem. To me, it is a song reflection and realization in looking forward to when we all pass and subsequently looking back on your life from there. Realizing through your life the love you experience from everyone is what sticks out and the negativity you experienced is an afterthought. Basically, while your here, enjoy things. Don’t resent people and be happy with what you have and enjoy it. Don’t focus on the negative and you will be a much happier person in the end. If you’ve never listen to their music, do so, it will move you right to your core.

πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

Much love to my fellow bloggers out their baring their hearts and souls.

Mistress Muse *


will request a pledge


will ask your surrender


will be entitled


will be demanding


will not have you defy


will be in control


will be tantalizing


will be all you desire


will fulfill your needs


will be elusive


will occupy your mind


will give you release


just needs to hear those

two safe words





*Note: Happy Valentine’s Day!

πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

Bloom Cycles (acrostic)*

Beyond my window, petunias

Languish in the midday sunshine

Opening with the morning light

Only a few fade by end of day

My eyes observe as they transition


*Note: my mother had an affinity for flowers, so it’s not far reaching that I do as well. Photo was taken by me of my flower box. Enjoy the musical sound of petunias.

πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

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Moon’s Midnight Garden*

she tilts her head

just so, thus

exposing that

vulnerable side


savors His words

sweet as honey wine,

closes her eyes

envisions the garden


she’s unearthed

the wishing bowl,

inscribed within

rest His words


entrusted to her

centuries past,

leaning closer

they echo



bergamot and sage

fragrance fills the

air, she sits on

bended knees reads


she pulls the

petals one by one,

placing them

within the bowl


only one remains

held between

her palms, raises

it slowly to her lips


kissing it gently,

whispering softly,

Feirin, my love

has always been

yours to take


*Note: My song choice is As the World Falls Down by David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth, which is film that I love. A unique quality of David Bowie’s was his ability too always reinvent himself. πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

Journey * (six word story)


*Note: but I will add to the above, it is definitely an adventure. Enjoy the song, I chose the original recording by Tom Cochrane (I enjoy his vocals and style) from his album Mad Mad World, although many only know the Rascal Flatts cover from the soundtrack of the Pixar’s movie Cars.

πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

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