My Guitar Gently Weeping …*

taunt strings plucked and played~

reverberate vibrantly~

noted music played~

melody so passionate~

captivating too ones soul~

lg 300419

Copyright © L. Gomez

* Footnote

The title is taken from the Beatles song: My Guitar Gently Weeping, which reaches deep within my soul. I’ve posted a link to the video, which is an artistic trifecta. Watch, listen, enjoy. 😊 🌎 ✌🏻 ❤️

Joyful* (tanka)

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ordinary bath

water faucet runs sink fills

small child sits within

hair sudsy as hands splash wide

face explodes in happiness

lg 060619

Copyright © L. Gomez


As a parent I remember when my children were this age. I too would bathe them in the kitchen sink 😊 so fun also much easier.


Bloom Cycles (acrostic)*

Beyond my window, petunias

Languish in the midday sunshine

Opening with the morning light

Only a few fade by end of day

My eyes observe as they transition


*Note: my mother had an affinity for flowers, so it’s not far reaching that I do as well. Photo was taken by me of my flower box. Enjoy the musical sound of petunias.

🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

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Eye View #17

we’re going for

a ride!?!?

Where we

going huh,


We’re wearing

our happy faces!

We love us a ride

in car.

“No, I’m not telling

it’s a surprise!”

We’re hoping

that it isn’t

to the vets.

those wind up

being a pain,

in places we don’t

wanna discuss.

Are we there


“No, it’s still

a few miles


Can we have

a treat? We’re

being good

boys. Are we

there yet?!???

Don’t worry guys,

I’m keeping

a sharp eye out

the window k.

Yayyyy, we can relax.

she’s not faking

us out, we just

passed the vets!

you just keep on


Are we there yet?

“Almost guys, just

a few more


Here we are,

everyone out.”

Oh boy, oh boy,

oh boy

it’s the park

by the lake!!

swimming, running,

playing catch, smelling

and exploring everywhere!

We havin so much fun today.

“Come on guys, get in the car.

It’s been a long day, time

to go home.”

Ahhhh do we have

to go home already?

“Yes, it’s dinner time.”

Dinner?!?!!!! Okay

let’s goooo!!!

We had a big dinner

when we got back. Even

lucked out with some

table scraps, yummy.

we’re worn out, it’s time

to nap. it’s been an

exhausting fun day!


Photos and words by lg/eob