Eye View #17

we’re going for

a ride!?!?

Where we

going huh,


We’re wearing

our happy faces!

We love us a ride

in car.

“No, I’m not telling

it’s a surprise!”

We’re hoping

that it isn’t

to the vets.

those wind up

being a pain,

in places we don’t

wanna discuss.

Are we there


“No, it’s still

a few miles


Can we have

a treat? We’re

being good

boys. Are we

there yet?!???

Don’t worry guys,

I’m keeping

a sharp eye out

the window k.

Yayyyy, we can relax.

she’s not faking

us out, we just

passed the vets!

you just keep on


Are we there yet?

“Almost guys, just

a few more


Here we are,

everyone out.”

Oh boy, oh boy,

oh boy

it’s the park

by the lake!!

swimming, running,

playing catch, smelling

and exploring everywhere!

We havin so much fun today.

“Come on guys, get in the car.

It’s been a long day, time

to go home.”

Ahhhh do we have

to go home already?

“Yes, it’s dinner time.”

Dinner?!?!!!! Okay

let’s goooo!!!

We had a big dinner

when we got back. Even

lucked out with some

table scraps, yummy.

we’re worn out, it’s time

to nap. it’s been an

exhausting fun day!


Photos and words by lg/eob

Intense Observation * (tanka)

keen eyes watching me~

with every bite that’s taken~

focus never shifts~

persistent hunger prevails~

no denying them a taste


*Note: These are my boy boys, Charlie the beagle and Wesley the beagle/lab. Their love is unconditional, they make my worst day a good day. Save a dog and adopt. Yes, I have a doggie song too. 😁

🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

Belle Star *

oh she liked him fine,

they had some good times.

the relationship was chancy,

but he tickled her fancy.

he’d tell her she had great legs,

then demand steak n eggs.

belle wasn’t the domestic type,

it was a mistake for him to grip.

he seemed to not remember,

she had quite an evil temper.

Belle liked being in total control,

warned him about it awhile ago.

he realized he ruffled her feathers,

when she uncoiled the leather

Belle whipped her man into shape,

he fell to the floor struggling to escape

he knew he’d beg her forgiveness,

because his love for her was a sickness.

Belle told him she’d never wed,

she just liked toying with him in bed.

So goes the tale of Belle

and her man.


*Note: Well this is my attempt at poetic rhyme comedy 😅 (I’m no Busta Ryms so be kind 😂) and of course the appropriate song to accompany it.

🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

Some information on the artist Ernest Chiriraka 1913 – 2010 – Known for:  Indian-frontier genre painting, pulp novel illustration. His history of becoming an artist is an interesting read. I’m adding a link to his bio below.

Bio Link: https://www.askart.com/artist/Ernest_Chiriaka/3678/Ernest_Chiriaka.aspx