Love’s Visual Expression (haiku)*

graffiti artist~

painting in feminine pink~

his sweet loves beauty~


*Note: okay my song choice is titled what else Pink by Julia Michaels, beware it’s a bit spicy ; ) 🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

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Devil’s Need *

Artist Alexandre Cabanel





…………Ten Commandments.


*Note: the featured art titled Fallen Angel is not the full image of the painting. To learn more about the artist and to view the full image please follow the link provided below. As always a bit of music for your listening pleasure. 🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

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Shibari (縛り)Mature Material (acrostic)*

Photo by
Nobuyoshi Araki (荒木 経惟)








desires play

a song that

needs too be

heard by a

like minded


riggers create



art forms

to be

viewed with

an objective



*Note: As always an opening song

Erotic Art (dates back to the Paleolithic Era) as we know is subjective and has always been extremely controversial. What was once taboo in art is now looked upon with a more open minded eye. I refer to Sabari only in relation to contemporary art. Shibari, more correctly known as Kinbaku is an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage that has many styles and uses. It is related in style to other traditional Japanese arts such as Ikebana, Sumi-e (black ink painting) and Chanoyu (the tea ceremony). Among the many uses of Shibari are dynamic living sculpture, shared meditative practice, deep relaxation for flexibility of mind and body, expression of power exchange. This link provides an overview of the photographer and his work

In the Wikipedia article they talk about how Sabari has been used and referenced in music as well, I give you an example in Jonas Brothers video titled Sucker.

TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ to its BDSM nature. In 2014, Romanian singer-songwriter NAVI released a Shibari-themed music video, “Picture Perfect”. The highly controversial video, directed by Marian Nica, was banned by Romanian television for its explicit erotic content. In reality it clearly shows a cultural juxtaposition of a marital relationship.

🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

Seven Movements (tanka)*

Artist Susanna Shaposhnikova

abandoned alone~

midday lights ‘n shadows play~

now awakens dance~

swaying twisting in the breeze~

gracefully like willow trees~


*Note: I love ballet for its physical beauty of movement in time to music. Seven movements are the beginnings to learn ballet. I hope that you enjoy both in the video I have chosen. 🌎 ✌🏻💙

Take care, be safe.

Mind Reset (acrostic)*






…………….Surges of Creativity Flowing


*Note: the music I chose gives me the feeling of mental clutter leaving; escaping, like cleaning your memory drive. This musical piece is titled appropriately “Clutter”

About the artist: Ashvin Harrison started creating visual art to express the beauty of existence as he sees it each day. Being a self-taught artist, his work consists of expressionism, realism and street art style pieces, using his own unique technique and style. His expressive use of color brings movement and energy to his dance and animal portraits, while his charcoal figure drawings breathe a sense of eroticism.

🌎✌🏻💙. Take care, be safe.

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