Lapse in Judgement *

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Mistakes happen easily, forgiveness is harder.


*Note: my song choice for this challenge Nothing Like Us by Justin Bieber: Cover by Bri Tolani

The top 3 reasons for divorce,

#1 Money (my mom would say, “When money problems walk in the front door, love flies out the window.”

#2 Intimacy if your limbo isn’t in sinc eventually you hit

#3 Infidelity The reality is infidelity fundamentally changes your marriage. It erodes trust and leads to a breakdown in communication. Sooner or later, infidelity usually catches up with you which is why it is one of the leading causes of divorce.

If you’d like to know the other eight reasons you can find them here

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34 thoughts on “Lapse in Judgement *

  1. My divorce was seven years ago. Strange as it may sound, I still don’t know the exact reasons. Or at least I can’t put words to them. I guess it’s like that, too, sometimes.

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    1. There is always an explanation if you look back objectively. Sometimes you just grow apart or change as they get older (different outlooks on life).

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    1. Thank you, Jeff, for your ever complimentary comments, the support it appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the cover of this song. 🙏🏼😊💙🤗🌻

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      1. The action of infidelity will of course, shake the pain body….emotions will erupt….forgiveness could take time….if it’s related to the partner & the partner admits, apologizes & learns from it, the deeper love will eventually forgive….n all will remain the same if forgiveness wasn’t shallow….if the act of infidelity gets repeated, it’s time to move on….one needs to forgive oneself….idk if I’m making any sense….

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    1. grazie per aver dedicato del tempo per leggere la mia poesia e per seguire. 🙏🏼Apprezzo che tu abbia trovato il tempo di commentare. Buona giornata! 🌻

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