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one mans strange thoughts formulate;

church law resisted

*Note: What is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioral traits. Below I’m also adding a link where you can learn more about the artist, his art is amazing. As always a song, enjoy.

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  1. stunning photograph encapsulating some of the themes of evolution; went to thr website: his art is unique. arresting to the eye, tantalizing the intellect, challenging it to unravel the cluster of images —

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      1. Very interesting and creative art. Yes – the theory is challenged by unscientific means by a significant minority of people who see theory as a guess or an opinion. They make loud noises proclaiming to speak for the bulk of Christianity without realizing they are a minority within Christianity.

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    1. So did I those boring text books. So many more creative ways to learn today, this video an example of that. Glad you enjoyed the post. 😊

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