Mountain Man (haiku string)*

his pilgrimage

unquestionably begins


between mountain range~

lays a valley richly green~

wildlife roaming free


upon horizon~

atmospheric changes seen~

grey clouds assemble


adventure awaits~

surrounded by nature’s wild~

tranquil silent peace


snow capped mountain peaks~

hide steep inclines rocky crags~

dangers of falling


challenging nature~

belies perilous journey~

mans need to conquer


never ends


*Note: I started this for

The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic

however I missed the entry date, so it goes. It was indeed hard to write exactly 99 syllables. I find it difficult limiting myself to a specific number of words that can be used. I did succeed with this one but I don’t know if I’ll attempt another any time soon. I have respect for those that can. The traditional mountain music is unique onto itself, steeped in long history. πŸŒŽβœŒπŸ»πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

28 thoughts on “Mountain Man (haiku string)*

    1. It is a pilgrimage to self discovery, it has many different roads, (some go on a retreat, that was not this mans choice) perhaps I didn’t make it clear that conquering ones own challenges is what I meant.

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  1. Fine piece this – full of the journey and the wandering. I particularly liked your concluding line ‘never ends’. I don’t know if you’ve encountered Matsuo Basho in your readings – but his masterpiece – The Narrow Journey to the Deep North – is an epic written on his own pilgrimage. He used (and invented) the form ‘haibun’ where a paragraph of text about the journey/scene was echoed/elaborated by a concluding haiku. It’s a liberating form with much less pernickety syllable counting. (ō) Thanks also for the Water Tower Bucket Boys – they is some pickers…

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    1. No I haven’t read him, I will be sure to now, you’ve piqued my interest. Thank you for reading and your comment. I appreciate any critique of my work, it helps me to improve.

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  2. Bold undertaking, and wonderful result! Well written. The journey was a joy to rake. Love the music video. Something about Portland OR flashed on the screen. I lived in Portland 25years before moving here to Seattle 5 years ago.

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    1. Thank you kindly, for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed the music as well. Have never been to OR, I was going to visit a friend in Seattle last year it never happened because of COVID. Hoping to in the near future if life ever returns to a semi normal state. πŸ™‚

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