Loss (tanka) *

sunglasses obscure~

emotionally filled eyes~

tormented by grief~

loss embedded so deeply~

heart so heavy, might erupt


*Note: A few words about this song I’ve chosen to go with this poem. To me, it is a song reflection and realization in looking forward to when we all pass and subsequently looking back on your life from there. Realizing through your life the love you experience from everyone is what sticks out and the negativity you experienced is an afterthought. Basically, while your here, enjoy things. Don’t resent people and be happy with what you have and enjoy it. Don’t focus on the negative and you will be a much happier person in the end. If you’ve never listen to their music, do so, it will move you right to your core.

🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

Much love to my fellow bloggers out their baring their hearts and souls.

23 thoughts on “Loss (tanka) *

    1. As we all have been at some point in life. Sadly many more than usual this past year. 🥺 I thought the song fitting, glad you enjoyed it.

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  1. Beautiful. Love the song as well.
    They got their hair cut and beard shaven, but their sound is still the same!! They are from just up the road from here. I remember hearing them when they first started out.

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