Moon’s Midnight Garden*

she tilts her head

just so, thus

exposing that

vulnerable side


savors His words

sweet as honey wine,

closes her eyes

envisions the garden


she’s unearthed

the wishing bowl,

inscribed within

rest His words


entrusted to her

centuries past,

leaning closer

they echo



bergamot and sage

fragrance fills the

air, she sits on

bended knees reads


she pulls the

petals one by one,

placing them

within the bowl


only one remains

held between

her palms, raises

it slowly to her lips


kissing it gently,

whispering softly,

Feirin, my love

has always been

yours to take


*Note: My song choice is As the World Falls Down by David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth, which is film that I love. A unique quality of David Bowie’s was his ability too always reinvent himself. 🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

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