Walk With Us*

luminous blue moon

fills night sky,

clouds overshadow

it’s light,

winds howling

raises hairs,

eerie lights

appear to glow

among the trees,

silently hidden

away from sight,

one may watch

as spirits stroll

leisurely without

a care,

beware not

to be seen,

for you may

join them




*Note: Music to stroll by

I’ve also included this video it’s one of my favorites from Disney’s early days. It’s silly and fun! 👻 Enjoy 🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

20 thoughts on “Walk With Us*

  1. Nice photo. Very Blue for the Blue Moon. It’s windy here too. Very strange Halloween with everywhere shut. Just listening to your music. Your poem captures the essence of the souls walking on this night when the veil is thin….

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    1. Thanks is was a good capture for me. We usually dress up and hand out treats to the kids, however not this year. We also live on the mountain with none near. We have dense wooded land surrounding the house imagination plays tricks on the mind. 😬😳👻

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