Awaiting *

never ending nights

passed by,

as she’d look toward

a dark sapphire sky.

waiting for her Beloved

moon to rise,

He her first

if ever there was.

this time of year

has always been

the forever season,

hers alone.

in His iridescent glow

she sits quietly

as He captivates

her with His charm.

this rapture takes hold,

grows spreads like a virus

within her.

theirs has always been a

templed relationship

based on their own

divine intervention,

the one and only now,

desperate to remember.

together they’d play

their game of give and

take with love sick words.

her quarantined syllables

are like every touch,

finding its path to the

up ended truth

that is His way.

His breath a slight

breeze, sweetly

whispering to her,

join me our time

is now, sit beside me

on bended knees.

she knows the time

has come too respond.

Quietly she answers

with her treasured

beautiful inside words.

i have no bouquet

of roses, just this one

i give to You which was

nurtured by my love

during your absence.

She knows He will

slowly move away,

leaving her to

await His return

once again.

the stars now are

her companions,

His trinkets of Love,

he left in her



Note: Tonight there is a full moon, known as the Harvest Moon. Every three months represent a beginning to a new season. I hope you enjoy my musical choice.

🌎 ✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

3 thoughts on “Awaiting *

  1. What a beautiful soliloquy of words, poet. Divine string that captures the beauty, some would say “essence” of love. The girl has been captured, tied up in cautious knots and is waiting. Waiting perhaps a lifetime unable to use the words she pens on paper. I wish her well

    Love Jeffrey Scott

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    1. She is ever grateful, Sir. She tends to her corner of the garden with much respect and admiration. Perhaps one day she’ll be allowed too unfurl the words. I return your well wishes in kind.

      Love EOB *smiles*

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