Provance *

purple haze fades

in dawns soft light;

reveals fields of lavender

seen far and wide

embalmed all the air,

calming mind

with each breath


*Note: I’ve chosen for you a video of the lavender fields of Provence with a instrumental.

The smell of lavender wafting in a summer breeze, the gentle swaying of hillside olive groves, empty sun-swept corridors between picturesque stone buildings—Provence is a region full of sensory romance, rewarding travelers with its breathtaking vistas, mouthwatering cuisine, and small-town tranquility. The Romans once dominated this area, and many of the towns serve as visual historical accounts of France’s southwestern region, with remnants of Roman, Byzantine, medieval, and Renaissance structures incorporated into the modern construction of the upscale (but still quaint) towns. When you’ve had your fill of idyllic lanes in famous Aix-en-Provence and enjoyed St. Tropez’s legendary beaches, head for one of these smaller, lesser-known towns.

🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

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  1. I’ve never been to fields of lavender….you’ve just taken me to….calming my mind as I sense each & every word of yours….beautiful & serene 💜✨

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