A Quiet Man *

I speak to

you sometimes

in those moments





I feel your closeness

within the sound

of the wind through

the trees.


I miss

your gentle quiet ways,

comfortable with silence;

your words of wisdom,

offered tenderly;

your ever present smile,

my own given in return;

your calm ice blue eyes,

that always saw my soul.


I was like an island,

surrounded by an

endless ocean

of love you held

in your heart

for me.


*Note: I was lucky to have this gentle man as my father.

This is a photo of my Dad at the age of 21 shortly after my parents were married. My Dad is looking directly into the lens he always did that. He looked people straight in the eye never looking away. As I got older I noticed it made people uncomfortable, sometimes they’d look away. I remember asking my Dad why that was. His response was two fold, either their lying or hiding something deeper they don’t want you to see.

On a side note: I have a photo of my Mother age 17 in the same setting, apparently taken the same day. however she is actually reading (she loved books) the book.

Wishing my fellow bloggers a Happy Fathers Day to the men who choose to be a Dad, Step Dad, Adopt, or Mentor a child, remember be kind, understanding you are molding who they’ll become.

Always 🌎 ✌🏻 πŸ’™ Take care, be safe.

14 thoughts on “A Quiet Man *

  1. What a beautiful post, Blue….a heartfelt tribute….your loving father, who also look so cool in the suit…A Quiet Man; his love spoke oceans so pure…Much love to you βœ¨πŸ’™

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    1. Thank you Navin, for your lovely comment. He was and always loved to look his best.
      Sending some πŸ’™ back to you as well. Hope that you are feeling fit and that your family is doing well. πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹


  2. This was beautiful, and a lovely photo of your dad. I am sorry this is long after fathers day, lovely poem and reminds us that life and family are precious. I hope you have had a great weekend.

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