Always in My Heart (tanka)*

flesh nor blood were yours~

arms encircled like a womb~

your love carried me~

delivered me to this world~

life’s joys I might not have known


*Note: My Mom had so much love to give and couldn’t have children. She always said how lucky she was to be chosen to be my Mom and her prayers were answered. When all the time I was the lucky one that He sent her to me. My Mom loved roses and had a garden full of them. This year my daughter honored both of us by planting two identical rose bushes in her own garden (you can see it’s bloom in Eye View #3), I was deeply moved by this gift of remembrance and love.

8 thoughts on “Always in My Heart (tanka)*

  1. This is just so beautiful poem, Blue… full of love & tenderness….I can almost hear your heartbeat…as in the ink of love & heart, that you’ve used to write this piece…❤️

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