Wagasa (tanka)*

bright oiled paper spheres~

rain drops sound rhythmically~

beneath echos heard~

geta covered feet shuffle~

moving forward homeward bound


*Note: The traditional wagasa is made with renewable materials such as Japanese paper, string, and bamboo. A layer of oil coats the umbrella to make it stronger. The history behind the Wagasa is interesting to learn more follow the link below.

The music is titled Oil Paper Umbrella played on a piano close your eyes and you can hear the rain echo

Geta (下駄) are a form of traditional Japanese footwear that resemble clogs and flip-flops. They are a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base held onto the foot with a fabric thong to keep the foot well above the ground.

About the Artist: This is a superb Original Japanese woodblock print entitled “RETURNING HOME” dating back to 1915. It was made by Fritz Capelari, who was the first Western artist to design prints for the Shin Hanga publisher Watanabe Shozaburo.


Always 🌎✌🏻💙 Take care, be safe.

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  1. I always find your poems very deep with several layers….your poems “sounds” simple but when read properly, it conveys even more beautiful & deeper meaning….the words of wisdom 😊💙

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