Isolation with Hope (tanka)*

dark dreams encircled~

ominous thoughts void of life~

seek internal peace~

lowered in supplication~

divinity will enlighten


*Note: Each day though there seems no end in sight, do not let this darkness (fear) over take the light (hope). Please watch my musical choice for this verse in it entirety. It is quite beautiful visually.

According to the Encyclopedia of World Religions Sufis believe that: “the human spirit being a direct emanation from the divine Command, is therefore an emanation of God himself, and could find its highest aim only in the obliteration of its illusory selfhood and absorption into the Eternal Reality. I love Rumi’s poetry it has always gave me comfort in moments of sadness or despair. For further understanding I have provided two links.

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A Comparative Study Of The “perfect Man” In Ibn Arabi And Rumi

The Realm of Imagination According to Jalal al-Din Rumi and Ibn Arabi