Swing (tanka)*

this love so in tune~

a rhythm rarely played off key~

leaps in harmony~

joined in expressed happiness~

hands reach for one another


*Note: Swing is an era in music from 1933–1947, when teenagers and young adults danced to jazz-orientated bands.

When jazz orchestras dominated pop charts and when influential clarinettists were household names. In the Mood was first recorded in 1939 by Glenn Miller. I’m a fan of big band music. For me there has always been this strong connection to the ‘30s and ‘40s, perhaps i lived there in another lifetime. I choose the piano version, it worked with the art. Don’t worry here is the original by Glenn Miller. This also shows all the different dance moves (be patient they come in between the photos from that era) in the video are fantabulous!!

Take care, be safe. 🌎✌🏻❤️

12 thoughts on “Swing (tanka)*

  1. It don’t mean a thing
    if it ain’t got that swing!
    Great poem and great musical choice! I may have to change my playlist for tomorrow to pull out some big bands. 🎵🎺🎹🎷🎺🎵
    Do wah, do wah, do wah, do wah!

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      1. Lol they would have something to remember. One of those times they say, Hey remember that time Mom and Dad….. then they’d laugh with joy.

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