Nano-Invasion (haiku)*

microbe warrior~

silent neither seen nor felt~

slowly steals life’s breath


*Note: Here is how Dick’s lungs sound like under CORVID-19’s occupation

Follow the link below to get a complete understanding (not just the bullet point signs you have been getting) what it does to a body.

Take this opportunity to interact with your family (because so many of us live busy lives in today’s world). Do the things that you never seem to have time for. Put the phones down (maybe call that person you’ve been meaning to call for ages before you do) forget scheduling. Play those board games that have been collecting dust in the closet. Read to your children or have them read to you. Older children and adults take a turn reading a chapter of an adventure novel out loud to the family. Pull out those pens, markers and crayons see who can color a picture of happiness. Safeguard yourself and others by sequestering. Be safe, sending out positive vibes and love. We will get past this.