Elegance Displayed (tanka)*

one graceful embrace~

melds bodies into one~

kiss gently given~

two hearts begin to flutter~

love effortlessly soars free


*Note: I give you for your listening enjoyment Clair de lune’

by Claude Debussy who was a French composer. He is sometimes seen as the first Impressionist composer, although he vigorously rejected the term. He was among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Debussy took the title from an atmospheric poem by the French poet Paul Verlaine which depicts the soul as somewhere full of music ‘in a minor key’ where birds are inspired to sing by the ‘sad and beautiful’ light of the moon, it was inspiration for the composition. I wish I knew who the artist is of this piece, it’s signed however I could not make out the name. It seems to be a watercolor with some ink, it is beautifully done.


Eugi's Weekly Prompt – Elegance – March 23, 2020