Mountain Morning (tanka)*

wind pushes gently~

trees now sway rhythmically~

clouds drift endlessly~

birds sing as dawns light rises~

mountain life renews ones soul


*Note: I’m sharing a video of my view this morning from our front deck. Enjoy the photos I’ve taken since moving to Tennessee. Enjoy the music below. 🌎✌🏻❤️

Old time mountain music, not everyone favorite genres. But I must say it is steeped in emotion, pain, joy and faith. I give you a few songs to listen to, they are rich in culture of mountain life.

Next a song of hope and faith.

Songs are passed down generations, always have a story.

If you’ve never seen the movie Cold Mountain which I watched just recently (set during the civil war) I recommend it, I thought I’d hate it and found that I enjoyed it. Here is a clip however it’s only a tiny part of the story.

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    1. Thank you, happy you enjoyed it. Moved to the mountain in January. Can’t wait to see it all green. I like to garden and previous owners did none. So I have my work cut out. I like the peacefulness. Nearest neighbor is less than a 1/4 kilometer away.

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