Sensitive Kind (tanka)

minds meandering~

dualistic view of life~

indulging daydreams~

listening as passion speaks~

heart awaiting loves entrance

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*Note: The title is taken from a J.J. Cale song, I’ve provided a link for your listening pleasure, I πŸ’™ it:

J.J. Cale, whose songs “After Midnight” and “Cocaine” were made famous by Eric Clapton. In 1964 Cale and fellow Oklahoma musicians Leon Russell and Carl Radle moved to Los Angeles. Cale returned to Oklahoma in 1967, but tapes of his songs made it out west, and Clapton eventually cut “After Midnight” in 1969, taking it to No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100. Cale had additional songs recorded by artists such as Kansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Carlos Santana, and Widespread Panic, among others. He had a minor hit of his own in 1972 with “Crazy Mama,” which peaked at No. 22, and recorded more than 15 albums, including The Road To Escondido with Clapton, which earned Cale a GRAMMY Award in 2007 for Best Contemporary Blues Album. 

His biography is quite interesting, if you care to read it


8 thoughts on “Sensitive Kind (tanka)

  1. J.J Cale is such a great artist. I remember his songs from a lot of movies. Never heard this one. I like the whole poetry with music thing. I can’t write a poem without picking a song to go with it! I think Music is so integral to life and brings words, thoughts and emotions to life in a way no other medium can.


    1. I totally agree! One is reminded of periods of their lives simply upon hearing a song. Takes you right back to that moment in time. I give you props for the idea of interesting the two. 😊

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    1. Thank you, I sometimes wonder if people listen to the songs as well. Glad to hear you enjoyed both. By the way that cute little boy grew up to be a dashing, daring young man. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜¬

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