Travelers (tanka string)*

wonder filled dark eyes~

adventure awaits them now~

along forest paths~

horses sway, wagons rattle~

now rest beneath moon lit sky


violin playing~

shadows dance round camp fire light~

voice in hushed tone speaks~

tells tale of gypsy folklore~

wide eyed youth in total awe


wolf calls haunts the night~

child tosses turns within dreams~

forgotten in morning’s light~

entering deepest darkness~

dark eyes now aware alert

lg 17022020

*Note: Enjoy the link below to beautiful gypsy violin.

There are many different travelers (nomadic life style). Their origins vary greatly. Trying to find information, I came to learn there was a female Polish Gypsy poet of some notoriety, link to her personal history:ława_Wajs

Also there was a film made of her life, ive attached a link to the film’s (titled Papuszat) trailer: