Dreams and Words *

Mind~if my

Dreams~blend into a

Reality ~in your

Life~games often played

Surreal ~though they seem

Cosmic~waves of chance a

Nature~that resides within

Forces~a longing too

Surrender ~so easily done

Echoing ~thoughts of a

Soul ~pulled by emotion

Seeking~eternally in darkness

Light~burning for truth

Questions ~a daily birth

Answers~with growth

Escape ~tranquility within

Dawn ~a waking breath





Copyright © L. Gomez

*Note: I’ve added a link for music I thought worked with this piece. It may not be for everyone, it’s from the album Moon Ate The Dark, which I found interesting.

Some of the tracks are hauntingly beautiful, some are frantically disturbing (my opinion). I must thank Jano-Marie @caliath.com for introducing it in his piece titled mum is a leopard.

Always 🌎✌🏻❤️

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