Fallen Tree

a tree fell to the forest floor

no one heard its cries of pain

the birds had all taken wing

fleeing winters harsh domain

in their dens, the animals slept

no one heard, no one wept

lg 200105

Copyright © L. Gomez

2 thoughts on “Fallen Tree

  1. They’re doing a lot of deforestation on the planet now. It’s very depressing as trees are so essential to supporting wildlife and indeed human survival and to the air we breathe. Trees are the Lungs of the Planet as they say.


    1. I absolutely agree with! It’s horrible what they are doing to the rainforest. The greed of man has no end. I believe in recycling, composting. So much waste in packaging products. There is no plan B when earth can no longer sustain us. I do what I can. 🌎✌🏻❤️🕊🌻

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