The Rider *

Here I stand within my stall.

Looking though open gate,

gazing out onto the yard.

I spy you walking toward me.

My anticipation begins to rise.

You enter, approach me

palm opens revealing a lump of sugar, I devour it with delight.

Grasping my reins you lead me out, into the sunshine of the day.

At your side I gently trot,

thrilled at what is to come.

Taking a step forward grabbing

my mane you mount. Feeling

your muscular thighs, your heels

tap my sides, urging me forward.

I know not where, trusting you are in control.

Down an unmarked path you

lead me. Through narrow strait

of sparsely covered pine woods.

Emerging on a beach of golden sand, where sky blends into ocean a vista of blue.

There you let me run free, salt air filling my nostrils. The wind whips at me, water sprays my sides, only sound I hear the surf. We raced wildly along the shore with joy, for what seemed like eternity.

Pulling in my reins ever so gently,

slowing my pace starting our trac back. A cool mist begins falling, as dusk quickly approaches. We arrive at the beginning, elated. Warmth and comfort awaits me.

You walk me into my stall, there you groom me. Place fresh feed and water out for me. You nuzzle my neck, stroke my forehead, whisper in my ear, “Thank you for the ride.” At that moment I know I’m greatly loved.

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