Haiku #50

spinnakers flying~

spectrums of brilliant color~

majestic sight seen~

lg 072520

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The photo is from the annual race from Chicago to Mackinac. One of the oldest (began in 1898) freshwater sailing races. I posted a link at the bottom, if you’d like to learn more on the history of this race. Ted Turner (an avid sailor) once made a joking comment saying, “Sailing on Lake Michigan is like sailing in a bath tub.” Till he tried it, the lake made him eat his words.

I love sailing. Many people think that people who own sailboats or power boats are wealthy. True some are, however there are many who are of modest means. Like anyone who has a passion for something (Harley’s, cars, painting, collecting antiques, watches, well you get the point :)) you sacrifice other things to support it.

We didn’t take trips all over the world. We did spend every weekend and holidays on the boat, from May until October (better than 2 weeks and it’s over)

There is nothing like being on the water, sun, wind and the only noise is the water rushing along the hull (unless you put on some music).

Harbor life is a community onto itself, I guess you can say it’s like Cheers. It was a great environment for our children to grow up in, learn that nature like life is never predictable.