Getting aquatinted

Like any neighborhood, I’m the new person on the block. I’d like to thank the neighbors who are already following my blog, know it’s appreciated. I would also like to meet more fellow bloggers.

I love the arts, poetry, photography my favs (not the greatest at either, I try 😁). I find them therapeutic, for me a form of meditation. Also, if you wish to critique my work, or have suggestions for improvement.

I don’t mind constructive criticism, the key word is constructive not destructive. If you aren’t willing to grow, than you’ll never learn anything new.

So here is a proposal for my fellow writers, it doesn’t have to be written in poetic form, if that’s not your thing.

As I said I love the arts, send me a link to your music, art, short stories. I would love to see your works. Feel free to post back in the comment section. Please share with other fellow creative minds. 🌏✌🏻❤️

One thought on “Getting aquatinted

  1. I am reading more of your blog now and this short poem you added made me chuckle– because much of my writing had to do with unburdening myself. It was more an effort of lyrical journalling — but something changed in the last 5 or 6 yrs and I am finding more redemptive ways of writing. I like that you add music videos to your posts and thank you for encouraging me on my blog.


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