Hidden Truth Awakened *

. Little Sister

I hear your

words spilling

so much


Little Sister

Let me say,

the crime

was not of

your making

Little Sister

It doesn’t do

any good to

lock yourself


Little Sister

Shed your tears,

let them fall

cleaning away

the hurt

Little Sister

Break out from

behind those bars

and shadowed


Little Sister

Time hides

the memories,

behind the scars

the pain remains

Little Sister

You have conquered,

you are stronger,

you are a survivor

Little Sister

I once was like you,


is what I share

with you

lg 230702 (c)

*Note: This is an eye opening video


A number of years ago (long before #metoo) I heard a young girl stand up at an open mike and read a poem about her rape. By the end of it she was in tears as was I, it awakened my own hidden truth. I wrote this at the table after she finished, not hearing the next poet reading. If you are a victim of sexual assault, date rape or predatory behavior do not be afraid to report it. Remember by not doing so you allow the perpetrator to claim another victim. Below is a link to the National Rape Hotline