Woman with an extension,

Drawn on by issues.

Oh! The Gun?

She spoke:

Don’t look away, please!

Talk to me!

Have nothing to say now?

Oh, don’t be nervous;

You see, I’m a bit tense.

Can’t you see the anger

behind these eyes?


I never misunderstood yours! Ever!

What do you mean

your frightened?

I’m feeling so much less so;

sooo much soooo.

Can you reflect upon why,

you’re here?

My pain was there all along;

didn’t you see?

Pleassssse, step a bit closer.

Feel the coldness against your chest?

Much like the painful words

you rained down on me,

day after day.

Now matches those in my heart.

It’s a cold point that’s being made, With Blue barrel steel to be exact; can’ you feel it?

You’ve triggered emotional fear, pain, now what?

No longer will I nor am I your mark.

I’ve now targeted you.

So, prepare to meet yourself in hell. While I say; I’ve made my peace. Fair well.