My Garden Muse

img_3784Here on the Eve,

in Real Time,

Within the Lines,

I write The Garden Lesson.

Which begins with the

Sweet Dance of My Butterfly

in the twilight against

the Silhouette of Trees,

it came to light upon my skin,

so like a moist touch

from a Dripping Sky,

a sensation like Summer Ice,

enchanted i became

by this Garden Muse,

allowing it to view,

The reverse side of My Mirror.

There it fluttered,

came to rest within my

Soul Garden, allowing myself

For Just Today to bloom

In its’ light, requesting it

blend with my Fragile Sky.

This is were i place my

thoughts, between my palms,

bowing to earth with

Feline Grace,

i am One.





Fractured Vision


I open my eyes,

seen in reflection,

resting upon my heels,

hands pressing thighs,

there in lays the

Wishing Stone glowing

warmth remains given

by the Touch of

The Garden Muse.